Advanced Indexing

This page contains the description for my conference session “Advanced Indexing” and links to the slide deck and demo code used in this presentation.


Target audience Beginning and intermediate database developers and DBAs.
Short description An overview of index options beyond the basic clustered and nonclustered indexes.
Duration The ideal length for this session is 60 – 75 minutes.
Full abstract So you know all about heaps, clustered indexes, and nonclustered indexes, but are still not satisfied? Then this is just the session for you!

You will learn about advanced features such as included columns, indexed views, and filtered indexes. You will find out how they are stored on disk, and how SQL Server uses them to satisfy queries. Then, you will see the tools SQL Server itself hands you to help identify just the right subset of indexes. And finally, you will get an stunning demonstration of just how bad you can hurt performance by creating too many indexes.


Click here to download a ZIP file containing the slide deck and demo code used in this presentation.

(Note: my presentations tend to evolve over time, so the slide deck, demo code, and recording linked here may be different from what you saw in a live delivery; and future live deliveries might improve further).

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