Presentation resources

Presentation resources

Please use the links below to access the description (abstract), slide deck, and demo code for any of my presentations.

Note that my presentations tend to evolve over time. If you attended one of my presentations, you may find that the version of the slide deck and demo code you find here may not be an exact match of what I used when you attended the session.

Session list

Debugging without debugger: investigating SQL Server’s internal structures

Deep dive into Adaptive Query Processing

Execution plans … Where do I start?

Execution plans in depth (full day precon)

Five stages of grief – internals of a hash spill

From adaptive to intelligent – query processing in SQL 2019

Get creative with Service Broker

Hash Match, the operator (extra-long session – ideally 120-150 minutes)

Here’s the execution plan … now what?

Improve your SQL Server performance in 7 simple steps

Managing execution plans (lightning talk)

Normalization beyond Third Normal Form

Now where did THAT estimate come from?

Powerful T-SQL improvements that reduce query complexity

Scalar UDF inlining in SQL Server 2019 – FROID’s complex

Scalar User-defined Functions in SQL Server 2019 (“fast focus” session, 20-30 minutes)

T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: How to kill performance in one, easy step



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