From adaptive to intelligent: query processing in SQL 2019

This page contains the description for my conference session “From adaptive to intelligent: query processing in SQL 2019”, and links to the slide deck and demo code used in this presentation.


Target audience Experienced database developers and DBAs.
Short description An overview of the new “Intelligent Query Processing” features that will be introduced in SQL Server 2019: What are they, where do they help you, and what are the risks?
Duration The ideal length for this session is 60 – 75 minutes.
Full abstract As announced in September 2018, SQL Server 2019 expands the “adaptive query processing” features of SQL 2017 and relabels them as “intelligent query processing”. This name now covers many features, such as batch mode on rowstore, memory grant feedback, interleaved execution, adaptive joins, deferred compilation, and approximate query processing.

In this high-paced session, we will look at all these features and cover some use cases where they might help – or hurt! – you.


Click here to download a ZIP file containing the slide deck used in the slightly shorter (50 minutes) version of this  presentation as presented at SQL Bits 2019. This version used no demos, so it is only a slide deck for now. A longer version, with demo code, will be uploaded later.


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