Upcoming speaking engagements

The list below shows my future speaking engagements. Sessions are normal length (60 – 90 minute) presentations, unless marked differently.

Date Location Conference Presentation topic(s)
June 15 Athens, Greece SQL Saturday Athens Hash Match, the operator
June 20 – 21 Lingen, Germany DataGrillen From adaptive to intelligent: query processing in SQL 2019
August 22 – 24 Bengalaru, India Data Platform Summit Now Where Did THAT Estimate Come From?

Deep dive into Adaptive Query Processing

August 31 Oslo, Norway SQL Saturday Oslo Execution plans … where do I start?
September 14 Gothenburg, Sweden SQL Saturday Gothenburg Submitted – fingers crossed!
September 28 Madrid, Spain SQL Saturday Madrid Submitted – fingers crossed!
October 5 Utrecht, the Netherlands Data Saturday Holland Submitted – fingers crossed!
October 19 Munich, Germany SQL Saturday Munich Submitted – fingers crossed!
November 5-8 Seattle, WA PASS Summit Submitted – fingers crossed!
November 17-22 Orlando, FL Live! 360 Improve Your Database Performance in Seven Simple Steps

Deep dive into Adaptive Query Processing

Scalar User-defined Functions in SQL Server 2019 – the Why, What, and How of FROID (20 minute fast focus session)

December 14 Ljubljana, Slovenia SQL Saturday Slovenia Submitted – fingers crossed!
January 24 Vienna, Austria SQL Saturday Vienna Submitted – fingers crossed!



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