Upcoming speaking engagements

The list below shows my future speaking engagements. Sessions are normal length (60 – 90 minute) presentations, unless marked differently.

Date Location Conference Presentation topic(s)
May 14 Virtual DataWeekender Here’s the execution plan … now what?
May 24 and 25 Virtual GroupBy Execution plans … Where do I start?
September 1 – 2 Scotland DATA:Scotland Submitted … fingers crossed!
September 10 Oslo, Norway Data Saturday Oslo Submitted … fingers crossed!
October 10 – 11 Mechelen, Belgium dataMinds Connect 2022 Submitted … fingers crossed!
October 10 – 12 Utrecht, the Netherlands Techorama Netherlands 2022 Submitted … fingers crossed!
November 1 Virtual SQL Ireland Meetup Here’s the execution plan … now what?
November 13-18 Orlando, FL Live! 360 Submitted … fingers crossed!
November 15-18 Hybrid: Seattle, WA + virtual PASS data community summit Submitted … fingers crossed!
November 26 Parma, Italy Data Saturday Parma Submitted … fingers crossed!


Note to conference organizers:

My wife has very high risk when exposed to Covid-19. After receiving our vaccinations and booster shots, we feel we no longer have to be as restrictive in what we do, but we still avoid risk where possible. And as new variants evolve, we might have to return to being more careful again.

For events taking place before July 2022, I will only submit if the event is virtual or hybrid. For later events, I do submit even when it’s an in-person event, but I do still reserve the right to cancel my attendance, even when all official guidelines and regulations of all countries involved are met, if I feel that the personal risk to me and my wife would be too high.

As much as I love to attend in-person conferences, I urge all organizers to have virtual events only until the pandemic is fully and worldwide under control.


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