Normalization Demystified

This page contains the description for my conference session “Normalization Demystified”, and links to the slide deck of this presentation.


Target audience Intermediate and advanced DBAs and database developers.
Short description Full coverage of the why, what, and how of normalization. Basics, Third Normal Form, and the higher Normal Forms, all in less than two hours!
Duration This is an “extra length” deep dive session. The ideal length for this session is 90 – 120 minutes.
Full abstract “Normalization is hard!” “Normalization is boring!” “There is no benefit in normalization.” These myths are popular, but not true.

In this Deep Dive session, I am going to show you why. From the start (UoD, Functional Dependency), through the basics (Third Normal Form), and even all the higher normal forms. Academics need two semesters for this, but when explained right, and a half to two hours is enough!

If you take database design seriously, you cannot afford to miss this session. You will get a clear and easy-to-understand overview of normalization, including all normal forms: what they are, how to check if they are met, and what consequences their violations can have. This will arm you with the knowledge to reject the myths about higher normalization, and all normal forms. More importantly, it will make you a better designer!


This session has not yet been presented. I am still working on the slide deck and the demos, and will probably continue to do so until shortly before it is first presented. The “final” version of the slide deck and demo code will be uploaded here around the time I first deliver this session.

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