Query processing in SQL Server 2022 – Intelligent++ ?

This page contains the description for my conference session “Query processing in SQL Server 2022 – Intelligent++ ?”.


Target audience Experienced database developers and DBAs.
Short description An overview of the “NextGen Intelligent Query Processing” features, announced for SQL Server 2022. What they do, how they work, and benefits and limitations.
Duration The ideal length for this session is 60 minutes.
Full abstract Microsoft has done a lot of work since SQL Server 2016 to make performance tuning easier. Query Store, Adaptive Query Processing, Intelligent Query Processing, and Automatic Tuning have been released in the past years. And now “NextGen Intelligent Query Processing” has been announced for SQL Server 2022. But what does this mean? What can you expect? And most important question: Will ALL queries now always finish fast, or are your tuning skills still relevant?


The slide deck and demo code for this session are currently not yet available. They will be uploaded here by the time this session is presented for the first time.

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