The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training – Block 1, advanced level

The best way to fix bad performance of SQL Server queries is to look at their execution plans. The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training helps you read and understand those execution plans. For more information about this video course, click here.

This is the advanced level of block 1: Understanding execution plans. In these videos you will learn what many commonly used properties mean; how order of rows impacts execution plans; some internals of the optimization processes and how this affects the execution plan; and what batch mode is and how it affects performance.

A total of five chapters, with a total viewing time of 2:41:20 (58:04 demos).
Sold for $24.95 per video, or $99.95 if you purchase the whole level at once.

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View time: 3:48.

A short overview of the contents of each chapter in this level, with fragments from each video.

Chapter 1: Properties of the plan

View time: 29:31 (3:16 demos).

Properties on top left operator are actually about the plan as a whole.
All relevant properties are explained here.

Chapter 2: Common operator properties

View time: 39:09 (23:40 demos).

Properties that appear on many operators with the same meaning everywhere.
Generic guidelines on how to read execution plans, trace data, and understand issues.

Chapter 3: Order of data in the data stream

View time: 28:09 (9:10 demos).

When is order of data in the data stream relevant and when not?
How do operators affect the order of data in the data stream?
How do ordering considerations impact execution plans?

Chapter 4: Missing nodes

View time: 24:14 (11:51 demos).

Phases in the optimization process.
Effect of post optimization cleanup phase on Node ID property in execution plans.
Confusing effect of post optimization cleanup on other properties.

Chapter 5: Batch mode versus row mode

View time: 40:17 (10:07 demos).

What is row mode, what is batch mode, how do they differ?
Internals of batch mode.
Details of batch mode support in various versions of SQL Server.

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