The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training – Block 3, advanced level

The best way to fix bad performance of SQL Server queries is to look at their execution plans. The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training helps you read and understand those execution plans. For more information about this video course, click here.

This is the advanced level of block 3: Combining data. In this level, you will learn how relatively simple modifications to the logic of each join operator allow it to perform various logical join types. We also look at various advanced topics, such as optimizations for Nested Loops, many to many Merge Join, spilling of a Hash Match, and practical use cases for the Adaptive Join.

A total of four chapters, with a total viewing time of 3:19:45 (1:10:24 demos).
Sold for $24.95 or $34.95 per video, or $99.95 if you purchase the whole level at once.

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View time: 4:53.

A short overview of the contents of each chapter in this level, with fragments from each video.

Chapter 1: Nested Loops (advanced)

View time: 49:38 (24:49 demos).

Operators covered: Nested Loops.
Modifications to Nested Loops algorithm for all supported join types.
Workarounds for unsupported join types.
Optimized Nested Loops.

Chapter 2: Merge Join (advanced)

View time: 59:35 (21:25 demos).

Operators covered: Merge Join.
Modifications to Merge Join algorithm for all supported join types.
Extra overhead for a many to many Merge Join.
Special use cases for Merge Join: Ordered concatenation and cartesian product.

Chapter 3: Hash Match (advanced)

View time: 54:30 (16:18 demos).

Operators covered: Hash Match.
Modifications to Hash Join algorithm for all supported join types.
What happens during a hash spill?
Memory sharing in larger execution plans.
Hash teams.

Chapter 4: Adaptive Join (advanced)

View time: 36:02 (7:52 demos).

Operators covered: Adaptive Join.
Modifications to Adaptive Join algorithms for all supported join types.
Optimizations for (modified) Nested Loops algorithm.
Hash spills for an Adaptive Join.
Role of Adaptive Join in the execution plan.

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