Month: July 2006

Snapshot isolation: A threat for integrity? (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, I showed how SQL Server 2005 prevents violation of foreign key constraints when using snapshot isolation by automatically and silently using a less concurrent isolation level. In this part, I’ll show how snapshot isolation can be used to really mess up your data.   I’ll use the same sample tables I did in the first part, with one difference: only type A orders have to be for an existing customer; type B orders still need to have a customer ID included, but it doesn’t have to refer to an existing row in the…

Snapshot isolation: A threat for integrity? (Part 1)

One of the great new features of SQL Server 2005 is the snapshot isolation level. But exactly how safe is that feature? Can you still guarantee your data integrity if you use snapshot isolation level?   With most forms of data integrity, this is not an issue. But with referential integrity, it might be – after all, checking referential integrity usually requires the database to read data in other tables than the one being updated. Since readers and writers are supposed not to block each other if you use snapshot isolation, it’s easy to imagine a scenario where two concurrent…

Relating unrelated rows

A recurring question in the newsgroups is: “How do I output unrelated rows side by side?”   I’ll use the AdventureWorks database as an example. Suppose that my manager wants a report listing, for each order, all products ordered and all reasons the customer has for ordering from AdventureWorks. Here’s a sample of how the report should look.   SalesOrderNumber ProductID Reason SO51318 858 Other SO31518 870 Price SO31518 872 NULL SO31518 997 NULL SO31519 870 On Promotion SO31519 999 Price   Getting a list of all products ordered for each order is a trivial affair:   SELECT      soh.SalesOrderNumber, sod.ProductID…

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