Month: April 2021

T-SQL Tuesday #137 – Use notebooks every day? No way!

As you probably know, T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly event where bloggers are invited to write about a set topic. Our host for April 2021 is Steve Jones (b|t) this time, and he has asked us to write about Jupyter notebooks: do we use them, would we want to; and why or why not? The basics Let’s start with the basics, because I’m not convinced that everyone reading this already knows what Jupyter notebooks are. Simply put, a notebook is a single file where you can store a combination of blocks with formatted text and blocks with code, where the…

Plansplaining, part 17. Temporal tables (part 2)

Welcome to part seventeen of the plansplaining series, where I will continue my look at how temporal tables affect execution plans. The previous post focused on data modifications in temporal tables. Now let’s see what happens if we use temporal logic to our basic retrieval queries. This post focuses on the basics only; do keep in mind that as soon as you want to join data from multiple temporal queries you will run into some specific issues that you need to be aware of; this will be the subject for a later post. Sample tables For the code samples in…

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