Execution Plan Video Training – Announcing the next block

Execution Plan Video Training – Announcing the next block

It’s time! Time to formally announce the release date for the next block of videos for the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. The basic level of block 2, Reading data, will go live on May 15.

What to expect?

Block 2 of the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training covers everything involved with reading data. The basic level, consisting of five videos (“chapter”) of 25 to 40 minutes each, focuses on what many people still see as the standard for SQL Server: disk-based rowstore indexes and heaps.

The first chapter of the block gives a detailed overview of how this type of data is stored internally in your database files. Armed with this basic knowledge, the next three blocks then go into the details of how scan operators, seek operators, and lookup operators traverse these storage structures to return the required data. The final chapter covers a few “special” scan operators: the Constant Scan, and the sometimes surprisingly creative ways the optimizer uses this operator; as well as the Inserted Scan and Deleted Scan.

When a query runs slow, the root cause is very often an excessive amount of I/O being done by the operators in the execution plan. The videos in this block help you identify which of the operators that can read data is appropriate in what circumstances, why the optimizer sometimes makes a different choice and how that affects performance, and what you can do to help the optimizer make the best decisions.

Pricing and pre-order discount

Once the videos are released, you can choose to buy individual videos. They will be sold for $24.95 each. Or you can choose to buy the entire block of five videos at once, for only $99.95 – a $25 saving over the combined price of all individual videos!

If you happen to have any discount code, for instance because you attended one of my regular or pre-con conference sessions, then these will apply to this new block of videos just as they do on the older blocks. But also with the same expiration date!

Better yet … for a limited time only, you can purchase the whole block at the reduced pre-order price of $89.95, an additional 10% saving! This offer is available right now already, just click here and order. And even with this already very low price, you can still attend one of my regular sessions at any conference and walk away with a code for an additional 10% discount … or even 20% if you attend my pre-con.

Do note that the pre-order discount offer expires May 14. So don’t wait too long!

(All prices listed in USD. Free Vimeo account required for purchase of videos. Depending on where you live, prices may be converted to local currency and tax might be added)

Some links

If you are interested, then you can use one of the following links:


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