Month: October 2007

So-called “exact” numerics are not at all exact!

Attempting to dispel myths tends to make me feel like Don Quixote, riding against hordes of windmills that won’t budge. In this case, even some of my fellow MVPs and Microsoft’s own Books Online are among the windmills… Books Online says that there are two categories of numeric data types: “approximate” (float and real), and “exact” (all others, but for this discussion mainly decimal and numeric). It also says that “floating point data is approximate; therefore, not all values in the data type range can be represented exactly”, thereby suggesting that other numeric data types are capable of representing all…

How NOT to pass a lot of parameters

Did you know that SQL Server allows stored procedures to have up to 2100 parameters? And more important: do you care? Well, some people do care, and Joe Celko seems to be one of them. If you are a regular reader of SQL Server newsgroups, you probably know Joe Celko from his always unfriendly and often incorrect replies. Here is a typical example, one that I have seen several times recently, in a paraphrased form: Question: I want to send a list of values to my stored procedure, but WHERE ColumnName IN (@ValueList) does not work – how to solve…

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