Month: June 2007

The Bounding Box, corrected version

In a previous posting, I explained a minor problem in the “Bounding Box” and “Dynamic Bounding Box” algorithms I describe in chapter 9 of Adam Machanic’s book Expert SQL Server 2005 Development. In short, the problem is that I calculated the boundaries of the search area just a tiny bit too small, introducing a (very small) chance of relevant data not being found. I also presented a quick and dirty fix that basically works by deliberately making the search area too big, sacrificing (a small bit of) performance for correctness. And I promised to keep trying to find a better…

Going to Dublin

I still lack the time to blog about proper hardcore SQL stuff, but I do want to make a quick post to let you all know about a great conference that I’ll be attending and speaking at.   I’m talking about the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference, to be held in Dublin, Ireland later this week (June 7th, to be precise). I am particularly excited about this conference, not only because it marks my first speaking engagement outside the Netherlands, but also because (unlike some other conferences I have attended) there is actually a pretty decent number of SQL Server related…

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