Month: September 2018

T-SQL Tuesday #106: How to use triggers and not be sad

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The T-SQL Tuesday subject for September, chosen by Steve Jones (b|t), is to write about an experience I had with triggers. I decided to apply a very loose interpretation of his assignment and write more about triggers in general. Undeserved hate My very first SQL Server related job was quite unusual. I was added to a team that developed software using a code generator. We had to define business rules (such as constraints and derivation rules) on top of a conceptual information model for the company. The tool would then generate T-SQL code to support and implement those rules. The…

The best execution plan book ever written

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It all started back in 2012 – yes, six years ago! That was when I was first asked if I wanted to be the technical reviewer for Grant Frtichey’s book on execution plans. I obviously said yes … and then a lot of time passed because first Grant was busy, then we decided to wait for the SQL Server 2014 changes to become clear, and then yet other things intervened. Actual work started just over three years ago. If I had known back then that it would take this long, that I would spend so much time on this book,…

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