The best execution plan book ever written

The best execution plan book ever written

It all started back in 2012 – yes, six years ago! That was when I was first asked if I wanted to be the technical reviewer for Grant Frtichey’s book on execution plans. I obviously said yes … and then a lot of time passed because first Grant was busy, then we decided to wait for the SQL Server 2014 changes to become clear, and then yet other things intervened.

Actual work started just over three years ago. If I had known back then that it would take this long, that I would spend so much time on this book, would I still have accepted?

YES! Absolutely!

It was an amazing journey. I learned more than I had ever anticipated; it was an absolute honor to be allowed to work with Grant; and it was a huge pleasure to see how much the quality of the book has improved. Partly due to my comments, but mostly obviously due to Grant. His first draft was already a major step up from the second edition and the way he took my feedback and ran with it was simply amazing.

Finally there!

Six years in the making. Three years of actual work. And an end product that is worth it!

The third edition of Grant’s book has something to offer for everyone. If you are just getting your feet wet with execution plans, then it will take you by the arm and guide you. Once you have done your first steps, it will accompany you along the way. But even if you already have years of experience with execution plans, I’m sure you will learn things you didn’t know already.


Oh, and did I already mention that it’s free? Yes, you read this right: it is free. Totally free of charge. Just click here and you can download it as a PDF.

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