Month: July 2020

Stop the “seeks are better than scans” myth, now!

Can we please all stop the nonsense? Now? While I admit that I haven’t seen the literal statement “seeks are better than scans” in a while, I do keep encountering that generic idea, just in other words. Just as recently as this week, on the very popular blog of my good friend Pinal Dave (who knows I’m writing this post), I read this: “The query was indeed running extremely slow […] even though the main operator on the table was index seek.” So? What gives you the impression that an Index Seek should give better performance? Is this an artefact…

T-SQL Tuesday #128 – My mistake

My second favorite method of learning is to learn from my mistakes. Or as I often put it, learn from your mistakes so that the next time you can make a new one, which isn’t quite as boring as repeating the same mistake over and over again. But even better than learning from my mistakes is learning from yours. No, not you specifically. Everyone else. Because while learning from mistakes is useful, making mistakes isn’t fun at all. If someone else already made a mistake, the why should I have to repeat that? And apparently I am not alone in…

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