Month: November 2023

Plansplaining part 24 – Windows on the fast track

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This is part twenty-four of the plansplaining series. In the previous part, I explained the execution plans for basic window functions, with and without a window frame. Especially the latter group performed quite poorly in the examples. So let’s now look at an optimization that SQL Server can apply to most cases, that prevents this rather bad scaling. Running totals The examples in the previous post all used a window frame that started at (some number) PRECEDING. And as long as (some number) is quite low (and the end of the frame is not defined as (huge number) FOLLOWING), the…

Plansplaining part 23 / T-SQL Tuesday 168 – Window functions

I skipped the last two T-SQL Tuesdays. But this month, I will participate again. The monthly blog party is once more hosted by Steve Jones. His chosen topic is: Window Functions. In his invitation, Steve specifically asks for examples where Window functions provided a neat solution to a real world problem. Well, sorry Steve, but I am not going to do that. But your invitation did inspire to me write about the execution plans for these window functions. And there is, in fact, so much to write about it, that this is just the first part. So that makes this…

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