Month: February 2024

Lots of events

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As I recently already wrote, I consider my leukemia diary closed now. And since today is exactly one year after my stem cell donation, I now officially have no restrictions on travel anymore. So let’s celebrate that by attending lots of in person events in the near future! SQLSaturday Austin My first trip is in two weeks, when I speak at SQL Saturday Austin, in Texas. On Friday March 8, I present a pre-con: Execution Plans in Depth. For the low price of just $125, you will receive a full day of expert teaching on execution plans, so that you,…

T-SQL Tuesday 171 – The end of a diary?

It’s February 2014, and it’s time to write a new T-SQL Tuesday post. Our host is Brent Ozar, and his chosen topic is the last ticket we closed. Well, sorry my friend. I’ve been ill. I have not been on active duty for well over a year now. And if you really think that I would still recall the last ticket I closed before getting my diagnosis and starting my long road to recovery, well, then I also have a bridge for sale! So I decided to do a less literal interpretation of Brent’s request. Isn’t life very much like…

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