Month: May 2022

Understanding Memory Fractions

Some time ago a reader reached out to me with a request for help. He showed me a query and accompanying execution plan, and asked if I could help reduce (or, better yet, eliminate) the many hash spills that were killing his performance. While helping him work through the plan, I was once more reminded of one of my pet peeves with execution plans: we get to see the requested memory for the plan (the Memory Grant and MemoryGrantInfo properties), which is of course based on the estimated total memory usage of operators that are active at the same time.…

More Execution Plan Video Training – pre-order now!

Do you like to learn about execution plans? And do you want to save money? Then this post is for you! Execution Plan Video Training Tuning query performance works best if you understand what you can learn from reading execution plans. And if you want to get the most out of each execution plan you see, then you need to know what all operators and properties tell you. The most in-depth and complete learning resource for that is the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. The only problem with this resource is that it’s not ready yet. Announcing … block 2,…

T-SQL Tuesday #150 – My first technical job

I’ll admit, I’ve been slacking the T-SQL Tuesday habit for a much too long time. Almost a year since the last time I joined. Time to get back into it! This month, our host is Kenneth Fisher (b|t). He challenges all the #SQLFamily member to reminiscence about their first ever technical job. Is this a secret plot to figure out who of us are too old to remember that far back? Or just human interest? I’ll always remember my first! No matter how many senior moments I have in my life, I don’t think I will ever forget my first…

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