Month: February 2021

Plansplaining, part 16. Temporal tables (part 1)

Welcome to part sixteen of the plansplaining series. The first of a few posts about how temporal tables affect execution plans. In this post, I’ll build on the last four posts on data modifications, building on the more generic discussion of data modification in the previous four posts. Later posts will look at data retrieval and some specific scenarios. If you have never heard of temporal tables, I suggest reading Louis Davidson’s five part series about this feature. It seems some of the formatting has been lost in time, but the content is still good and valid. Part 1 Part…

T-SQL Tuesday #135 – My tools to stay alive

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It’s February, it’s Tuesday, and we all know what that means. Time for another T-SQL Tuesday post. Our host today is Mikey Bronowski (b|t), who asks us to write about tools we use to make our jobs easier. This looked familiar. And when I checked, I found out that I did, indeed, talk about tools before. That post was specifically about tools for work. I could of course now write about new tools I discovered, or tools for other areas in my work such as presenting or recording videos. But since Mikey doesn’t restrict it to work-related tools only, I…

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