Month: May 2023

Plansplaining, part 20. SQL Graph (part 1)

Welcome to part twenty of the plansplaining series. It has been a long time since I last wrote a plansplaining post, partly because of my health, but also for a large part because I was out of ideas. But recently I decided to dig a bit deeper into a feature that was released in SQL Server 2017 and that I had so far not played with: SQL Graph. SQL Graph is the name for a set of features, introduced in SQL Server 2017 and extended in SQL Server 2019, that bring graph database functionality into SQL Server. See here for…

New trailers and an updated chapter

Today I am announcing some updates to the free content that is part of the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. The first announcement is the release of a new set of trailers, to replace the old trailer that was the same for each block and each level. The second announcement is the update of one of the chapters in the free basic level of block 1. Trailers When I started my work on the execution plan video training, I realized I needed a platform that could host my videos, but that could also handle sales for me, and ensure that…

T-SQL Tuesday 162 – Execution plans according to ChatGPT

I have skipped a lot of T-SQL Tuesdays, because either I did not have the time to write anything, or I felt I had nothing useful to write. That changes with edition #162, hosted by Tomaz Kastrun (b|t). He invites us to talk about data science in the time of ChatGPT. To be fair, I am not going to cover that literal topic. But rather, I used his invitation as an excuse to do something that I have been wanting to do, and yet postponing, for a few months already. And that is to try to assess whether ChatGPT can…

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