Month: February 2019

T-SQL Tuesday #111: Why, tell me why

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Time flies. It feels like the new year has just started, and yet we’re already at the second T-SQL Tuesday of the year. Our host this February is Andy Leonard (b|t), and his assigned topic is, simply: Why? Or rather: What is your why? What motivates you, what makes you tick? And most of all: What makes you do the things you do? The Execution Plan Reference I do a lot of things. I have a one-person consultancy business, I have a wife and kids, I have a personal life with several hobbies, and I could talk about my motivation…

Plansplaining, part 10. Just passing through

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Welcome to part ten of the plansplaining series. Each of these posts takes an execution plan with an interesting pattern, and details exactly how that plan (or pattern) works. In this post we will look at a query and execution plan that may appear perfectly normal and unexpected at first sight, but that has some perhaps confusing execution counts. Sample query The sample query below will (as almost always) run in all versions of the AdventureWorks sample database. It returns a list of all staff, and for people that have a sales-related job title it adds the total of sales…

SQL injection

One of the many sites where I occasionally answer database-related (and sometimes other) questions is Quora – also known as “yet another question and answer site because we all know that what the world really needs is yet another question and answer site”. On that site (and probably many others), some topics just keep resurfacing. One of those “evergreen” topics is SQL injection. The questions on this topic are not all the same, but they all do fall into a few broad categories. So instead of repeating the same reply over and over again, I have decided to write a…

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