Month: September 2020

The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training: an update

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Almost half a year has passed since I released the first set of videos of the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. During this time, I have been working hard to ensure that the next set of videos is even better! As I am now getting ready to finish the last work on that second set of videos, I had to reorganize how and where I had located the videos. This means that links you may have saved will probably not work anymore. New location All existing content is still available, just at a different location. The basic level of block…

T-SQL Tuesday #120 – Automated restores

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It’s September 2020, and it’s time for T-SQL Tuesday. Our host, this time, is Elizabeth Noble (b|t). And her theme of choice is automation. Not automating the work of others, our day to day job, but automating our own work. To limit the risk of error, to reduce the stress, and simply to avoid boredom from doing the same thing over and over again. I don’t really automate many of my tasks. My work focuses more on writing and optimizing tuning, and less on database administration. That means I do less repetitive tasks than many DBAs do. That said, one…

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