The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training: an update

The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training: an update

Almost half a year has passed since I released the first set of videos of the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. During this time, I have been working hard to ensure that the next set of videos is even better!

As I am now getting ready to finish the last work on that second set of videos, I had to reorganize how and where I had located the videos. This means that links you may have saved will probably not work anymore.

New location

All existing content is still available, just at a different location. The basic level of block 1, “Understanding Execution Plans” is now located at

This content has been free so far. Though I originally planned this to be a temporary giveaway during the period of the Covid-19 related lockdowns, I have now decided that this content will remain free indefinitely.

New content

The next set of videos will be the advanced level of block 1. These are not finished yet, but I’m getting close. This second block will release on October 15, midnight EST.

The new block consists of 5 chapters, with a total play time of just over 2 hours and 40 minutes. You can buy individual videos for $29.95 each. But for better value, you can also buy the whole block, for the reduced price of just $124.95 – a $25 saving over the combined price of all individual videos!

Pre-order discount

Better yet … for a limited time only, you can purchase at the reduced pre-order price of $ 112.45, which saves you an additional 10%.

To beneift from the pre-order price, go to

(You will need to create a Vimeo account, but the free basic account suffices).

(All prices listed in USD; you might see them converted in other currencies and tax might be added depending on where you live)

Overview page

Finally, in order to facilitate easy access and a good overview of the course materials already available and the materials planned, I have set up an overview page at This page is also linked from the main menu of this site.

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Plansplaining, part 11. Merge plans

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