Month: August 2020

Estimated I/O cost, a sign of an expected spill

Some execution plan properties get a lot of attention. Others tend to be mostly overlooked. But even those properties can, sometimes, relay interesting information. Estimated Operator Cost The Estimated Operator Cost property is one of those that does get a lot of attention. Perhaps even too much. When you look at an execution plan in SQL Server Management Studio, or in Azure Data Studio., it conveniently marks each operator with a line such as “Cost: 34%”. And some third party tools, such as SentryOne’s Plan Explorer, even go a step further and color code this cost in red, yellow, or…

T-SQL Tuesday #129 – Time capsule

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The theme for the August 2020 edition of T-SQL Tuesday brought back memories. Back when my children were in elementary school, the school asked them to bring things to put in a time capsule. I was clueless what that would be, so my children patiently explained that it’s a container they’d fill with “things” and then bury somewhere, for future generations to dig up, open, and then marvel at how life was in our time. And now, Tamara Clark (b|t) has asked the SQL community to build our own time capsule. She asks us what we want future generations to…

PASS Virtual Summit 2020

You probably have heard this already: PASS has decided that PASS Summit will go virtual this year. Instead of assembling in Dallas, we’ll all stay home. Presenters will present from behind their computers, at home. Attendees will watch on their devices, from their homes. It will sort of be the same, but not the same at all! I know a lot of you are debating whether to attend or not. I understand that. The live, face to face experience is one of the cornerstones of PASS Summit, of any community event. A virtual event will never capture that the same…

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