Month: August 2008

Data modeling: art or science?

When I started blogging here on, I intended to write about stuff like T-SQL, performance, and such; but also about data modeling and database design. In reality, the latter has hardly happened so far – but I will try to change that in the future. Starting off with this post, in which I will pose (and attempt to answer) the rather philosophical question of the title: is data modeling an art or a science? Before I can answer the question, or at least tell you how I think about the subject, we need to get the terms straight. So…

[OT] Alive and kicking

Wow! Would you believe that it’s almost five months since my last blog post? How time flies. No, I have not forgotten about you. I know you’ve all been faithfully checking the site (or your feed) each day, maybe even each hour, to get my next post. What can I say? I’m sorry for keeping you waiting so long. The truth is, that I have been very, very busy. Lots of time has been spent on work (for without work, there will be no salary and hence no way to feed the family) and family (for why bother working hard…

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