Month: January 2021

T-SQL Tuesday #134 – Give me a break!

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The January 2021 edition of T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by James McGillivray (b|t). His question is: if you’ve been working too hard, if you’ve been spending too much time in front of a screen, what do you do to wind down? The answer to that is, for me, three-pronged. Tier 1: Do other work I work on a very varied set of activities, and I have a lot of freedom on how I choose to distribute my time: paid customer work, sometimes for multiple customers. Preparing, rehearsing, and delivering live presentations. Research and writing for the Execution Plan Reference. Authoring…

Plansplaining, part 15. Foreign keys, part 4

Welcome to part fifteen of the plansplaining series. In the three previous parts I looked at the operators and properties in an execution plan that check a modification doesn’t violate foreign key constraints. That part is done. But I’m not done with foreign keys yet. We normally expect foreign keys to throw an error on violations. But that’s actually only the default option: they can also be set to be self-correcting. This is done using the ON UPDATE and ON DELETE clauses, which provide the user with several choices on how to handle child data that would become orphaned, and…

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