Month: September 2007

What if null if null is null null null is null?

In this fourth and final part in my series about NULL, I’ll discuss some well-known and some less well-known functions and keywords that are specifically created to deal with NULL values. And I will, of course, explain why null if null is null null null is null. In case you have not yet read them, you can click these links to read the first, second, and third part.   IS NULL is not = NULL   I have already explained why tests for equality with NULL will always return Unknown instead of True or False. This holds true in all…

Dr. Unknown, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the NULL

Two months ago, I posted the first two parts of a series about NULL. After that, I went quiet. Much to do and little time was one excuse. But to be honest, I also lost interest. However, I felt I owe my readers to conclude the series, so I have now forced myself to write and publish the last parts before moving on to more interesting subjects J.   Before reading on, I suggest that you first read (or reread) the first and second part of this series, so that we’re all on the same level again.   Finished reading?…

Upcoming speaking events

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but I at least have a valid excuse this time. Four weeks ago, I received two emails on a single day, both inviting me to speak at two different Dutch events that will be held in the same week.   I replied “yes” to both mails, and since have been preparing my sessions. For those readers who would like to catch me speaking, I’ll give the details below.   For the “Software Developer Conference 2007”, to be held in Arnhem, the Netherlands on the 17th and 18th of September, I’ll deliver two…

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