Month: May 2018

Announcing: The SQL Server Execution Plan Reference

As some of you might already know, Grant Fritchey is working hard on updating his book on execution plans. The refreshed and much-improved third edition should release “real soon now”. And I happen to be involved in this project, as technical editor. While working on that book, I often ran into interesting and intriguing details in the execution plans. Details that, more often than not, are well beyond the scope of the book. So they will not be included, and rightly so. But it felt like a shame to have that information not available anywhere. Or scattered across the internet…

T-SQL Tuesday #102: Announcing a new site

Back in 2009, Adam Machanic (b|t) started an initiative that is still going strong: T-SQL Tuesday. This is a monthly blog party. Every second Tuesday of each month, lots of people blog about the same topic, selected by the host for that month. The May 2018 edition, better known as #102, is hosted by Riley Major (b|t). His challenge for this month: give back to the community. Pick an activity to help the community, explain your choice, and then commit to it. And include an ETA. If ever I saw a scary T-SQL Tuesday challenge, this has to be it.…

Plansplaining, part 5. Bitmaps

This is the fifth post in the plansplaining series. Each of these blog posts focuses on a sample execution plan that exposes an uncommon and interesting pattern, and details exactly how that plan works. In the first post, I covered each individual step of each operator in great detail, to make sure that everyone understands exactly how operators work in the pull-based execution plans. In this post (and all future installments), I will leave out the details that I now assume to be known to my readers. If you did not read part 1 already, I suggest you start there.…

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