Month: August 2012

T-SQL User-Defined Functions: the good, the bad, and the ugly (part 4)

Scalar user-defined functions are bad for performance. I already showed that for T-SQL scalar user-defined functions without and with data access, and for most CLR scalar user-defined functions without data access, and in this blog post I will show that CLR scalar user-defined functions with data access fit into that picture. First attempt Sticking to my simplistic example of finding the triple of an integer value by reading it from a pre-populated lookup table and following the standard recommendations and templates that Microsoft publishes for CLR scalar table-valued functions, my first attempt for this function looked like this: [Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlFunction(DataAccess=DataAccessKind.Read,    …

Upcoming speaking engagements – want to meet me?

I have a very busy time ahead of me, with lots of travel, lots of speaking engagements, and hence lots of opportunity to meet and catch up with what has become known as the SQL Family. (An excellent term, by the way – it describes exactly how it has always felt to me!) So, for everyone who want to know when and where they can meet me (as well as for everyone who wants to make sure to stay as far away from me as possible), here is my schedule for the rest of the year, in chronological order: ·…

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