Month: August 2018

T-SQL Tuesday #105: Brick walls

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It’s the second Tuesday of August already, and that means it’s T-SQL Tuesday time. This month’s topic, chosen by Wayne Sheffield (b|t), is to write about brick walls we ran into and how we dealt with the situation. Thinking about this topic, I remembered two moments in my career where I really was stuck … and then got unstuck in two very different ways. The unconscious solution The first event I want to share took place a long time ago. It was early in my career, my first programming job in fact. My job was to maintain and improve some…

Plansplaining, part 8. To join the impossible join

This is part eight of the plansplaining series. Each of these posts takes an execution plan with an interesting pattern, and details exactly how that plan works. In this post we look at a query that, given the known limitations of the available join operators, appears to be impossible to execute. But it’s a legal query so it should run. And it does. But how? Sample query The query below can be executed in any version of the AdventureWorks sample database. Don’t bother understanding the logic, there is none. It is merely constructed to show how SQL Server handles what…

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