Month: April 2023

Which execution plan icons are relevant today?

Back in 2018, when I started working on the SQL Server Execution Plan Reference, I spent quite some time thinking about what icons to show for all operators. I chose at that time to include four sets of icons: the version of the icons in the then current version of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS); the version that was used in SSMS before the complete art rework in SSMS 17.4; the version that was at that time used in the execution plan viewer of Azure Data Studio (ADS); and the version used in SQL Sentry’s free tool, Plan Explorer. This…

Back home, but still a long way to go

(Warning: This blog post is non-technical but purely personal. I write openly about my current health issues. This blog might be triggering for people who struggle with, or lost dear ones to, cancer and other similar diseases.) This is the eleventh post in a series on my personal road from first signs of leukemia, through diagnosis and treatment, to, hopefully, full recovery. Click here to read all posts in this series. Back home I’m writing this on April 5th. A long time since my previous health update. Most of that time was spent in the hospital, bur I was discharged…

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