New trailers and an updated chapter

New trailers and an updated chapter

Today I am announcing some updates to the free content that is part of the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. The first announcement is the release of a new set of trailers, to replace the old trailer that was the same for each block and each level. The second announcement is the update of one of the chapters in the free basic level of block 1.


When I started my work on the execution plan video training, I realized I needed a platform that could host my videos, but that could also handle sales for me, and ensure that videos could be watched by all those who bought access. My choice was Vimeo, as it appeared to offer everything I needed.

But then, as I got ready to put my content on there, and to organize it in blocks and levels, some free, some paid, the Vimeo dialog asked me to upload a special trailer for each level. With hindsight, that made sense. Vimeo is primarily targeted at movie makers, and a trailer is a very important part of the advertisement for any movie.

So I recorded a short trailer, intended to convey the relevance of execution plans, and the relevance of learning to read and understand execution plans. And I uploaded that as the trailer for the first level. And then, when the next level was finished, I uploaded the same trailer again. Because I was lazy.

But I recently realized that the easy way is not the best way in this case. People watch a trailer for a level to get an idea of what they can expect when they buy access to that level. A generic trailer that explains the entire course does not answer their questions.

So I have now invested the time to record specific trailers for each level of each block. In those trailers, I talk about specifically the content of that level, while playing a fast-paced montage of (usually speed-adjusted) fragments from all the chapters in that level. This should give viewers a good idea of the content they can expect, but also of the various visual aids used to deliver that content.

I have replaced the trailers on Vimeo over the past two weeks, and for those who just want to quickly watch all the trailers, I have also created a new playlist on my YouTube channel.

Azure Data Studio

While I was reviewing all my existing videos to select the content for those trailers, I noticed that one specific video was in serious need of an overhaul.

Block 1 is about execution plans in general, and the basic level of that block obviously covers the basic. Chapter 2 of that level shows the various ways to request execution plans for a query, and it shows this in the two major query tools in use today: SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and Azure Data Studio (ADS).

But this chapter was last updated in 2021. And in 2022, Microsoft released a new version of Azure Data Studio that introduces a completely new execution plan viewer, that does not even look remotely like the old one. I do not want my content to be outdated, and I feel bad that I had not realized this sooner. But now that I was aware, I just had to update this video!

So I went through the script for my text and identified all places where I had to change it. I went over the PowerPoint slides and made updates where needed. I designed new demos to show how to obtain execution plans in the current version of Azure Data Studio. I then I recorded all changed text fragments, all modified PowerPoint slides, and all new demos. And then I edited the project to integrate all the new recordings with all the parts of older recordings that did not need to change. Finally, I updated the captions to reflect the next text and timing, and then I uploaded the fruits of my labor to replace the old content.

The updated version of this video is live since the 5th of May. If you are interested, if you want to watch this updated version, simply click here to go to the basic level of block 1 of the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training, and then click the video for chapter 2.


I am constantly working on the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. Most of the time, I am working to create new content. But if I find that existing content has become outdated, I will make an effort to update it. And if I see ways to improve the content, I will do that too. This post is an illustration of both: new trailers to hopefully better inform prospective viewers of the content they can expect, and an update to a chapter that was outdated after Microsoft updated one of their tools.

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