Black Friday sale

Black Friday sale

“If Brent does it, it has to be smart, right? Right?”

As a European, I have always struggled with the concept of Black Friday sale. For many reasons.
It’s called Black Friday. Why does the sale for many retailers actually last a full week, or even a month?
The discounts offered during the Black Friday sale are, often, huge. Why would anyone still buy any non-perishables at any other time of the year?

But as a European, I also see the popularity of Black Friday sales increasing, in my own country and many other countries throughout the world. As well as on the internet.

Discounted execution plan video training

“If you can’t beat them, join them.”

The holidays are approaching. Perhaps you struggle to make ends meet, while also buying your friends and family some nice presents. And yet, you want good, high level educational content too. Preferably on execution plans.

I can help.

Throughout the entire month of November, I offer a 50% discount on all prices for the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training. This includes both individual videos, as well as the already cheaper full-block purchase.

And for those who happen to have one of the codes for 10%, 15%, or 20% discount that I give out on various conferences: those still work too, to reduce your price even further!

The details

“Always read the fine print!”

My sales platform has no option to schedule price changes. I have to manually change the prices at the start and end of November. I try to start and end the sale as close as possible to the actual start of November, but personal life might interfere. Please check the listed prices on the quick links page, or on the sale itself, before you making your purchase.

During the entire duration of the Black Friday sale, prices for the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training are reduced as follows:

  • Block 1, basic level: Still completely free.
  • Block 1, advanced level: $24.95 $12.45 per chapter, or $99.95 $49.95 for the whole block of 5 chapters.
  • Block 2, basic level: $24.95 $12.45 per chapter, or $99.95 $49.95 for the whole block of 5 chapters.

Prices may be converted to local currency. VAT and/or other taxes may apply.

If you have any questions, use this form to let me know. I’ll try to answer as soon as I can!


Recorded conference sessions
Here’s the execution plan … now what?

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