Black Friday returns!

Black Friday returns!

November approaches again. For Europeans, that is a month like any other, for Americans, November means: Black Friday, with huge discounts!

Two years ago, I decided to try an experiment. All of November 2021, I offered a 50% discount on all prices for the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training – both individual videos, as well as the already cheaper full-block purchase. The results were better than expected, and certainly reason to repeat this.

Last year, I tried something else: a Black Friday Charity, where the 50% discount was not offered to you, as the customer, but donated to charity. Though I did make a few sales and ended up doing a nice donation, the results were not as good as I had hoped. I have decided not to repeat this experiment.

Back to normal

And hence, we are back to the “regular” Black Friday Sale. Through the entire month of November, all prices for the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training will be cut in half. Yes, indeed, a full 50% discount! And this even stacks with discount codes you may have from attending one of my conference sessions or precons.

Execution plan training has never been this affordable!


Even at a reduced price, you still want to know what you are buying. No problem! You can watch the entire basic level of block 1 for free, to give you a good idea of the quality and content of my videos. And I have short trailers of all other content, where I give a quick overview of the content of each level, while showing representative fragments from the videos. You can find and watch them all in this YouTube playlist.

The details

Vimeo, the platform I use to host and sell my videos, has no option to schedule a price change, so I will manually change the prices at the start and end of November. I will do this as close as possible to the actual start and end of November, but personal life might interfere.

Please check the listed prices on the quick links page, and also on each video’s sale page itself, before you make your purchase!

During the entire duration of the Black Friday sale, prices for the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training are reduced as follows:

Prices may be converted to local currency. VAT and/or other taxes may apply.

If you have any questions, use this form to let me know, or leave a comment below. I’ll try to answer as soon as I can!

(EDIT November 6: Added section on previews and added links to individual levels)

An update on MERGE
Plansplaining part 23 / T-SQL Tuesday 168 – Window functions

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