Jetzt geht’s los – speaking in Germany!

Jetzt geht’s los – speaking in Germany!

It feels just like yesterday that I went to Munich for the very first German edition of SQL Saturday – and it was a great event. An agenda that was packed with three tracks of great sessions, and lots of fun with the organization, attendees, and other speakers.

That was such a great time that I didn’t have to hesitate long before deciding that I wanted to repeat this event this year. Especially when I heard that it will be held in Rheinland, on July 13 – that is a distance I can travel by car! The only potential problem was the timing (school holiday for my kids), but as soon as I had that sorted out, I submitted my abstracts.

I am delighted to say that I have been selected to speak again. Do take coffee if you plan to go to my session – it’s the first of the day, and I’ll dive right in with a deep, 500-level session. In this session, I will give my audience a peek under the hood of columnstore indexes and batch mode processing in SQL Server 2012 – two fantastic new features in SQL Server 2012, that can give you enormous performance benefits – but very little is documented about how exactly they work. I did a lot of digging to find the bits that are documented, pieced everything together, and used common sense and logic thinking to fill in the blanks. The result is a session that discloses a lot of hard-to-find and undocumented internals of columnstore indexes and batch mode processing. If you’re a geek, and you think you can handle a 500-level session at 9:15 in the morning – come visit my session!

But wait (to quote late night teleshopping TV), there is more! The volunteers who work incredibly hard to organize this event have decided that they will also host a precon this year. So if you can manage to be in Rheinland by Friday July 12, you can get in a full day of learning for the low fee of only € 179,= – a fraction of what you pay for similar training days at most other conferences! And you can even pick from a selection of three great choices.

If you’re into BI, you can learn about Data Analytics and BigData from Ruben Pertusa Lopez and Paco Gonzalez. If you are more a DBA person, consider subscribing to the training day on Extended Events, presented by Andreas Wolter and my good friend Mladen Prajdic. But if you ever are in a situation where knowing a bit about database design would help (and let’s be honest – who in this profession is never in such a situation?), you should really consider subscribing to my seminar on effective database design.

If you choose to attend my precon, you will learn a database design method that doesn’t focus on functional dependencies and normal forms. Instead, I will learn you how to discuss design questions with your interview partners in a language they understand – even if you don’t! Sounds impossible? Trust me, it isn’t. I’ll show you the steps to follow to make sure you ask the right questions and draw the correct conclusions from the answer. In the end, you will have a database design that is completely correct for the business, and perfectly normalized to boot.

Interested? Great! You can sign up here. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Rheinland!

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