Decks and demos – Session material for Silicon Valley Code Camp

Decks and demos – Session material for Silicon Valley Code Camp

This weekend, I will be presenting two sessions at Silicon Valley Code Camp, in Los Altos Hills, CA. On Saturday, I will have an early start – the first time slot of the day, at 9:45 AM, I will present on how T-SQL user-defined functions can easily wreck your performance – and how you can prevent that.

On Sunday afternoon (1:15 PM), I will then present a session on the OVER clause, focusing on how both the SQLL Server 2005 version and the enhanced SQL Server 2012 syntax of this feature can help you solve common problems without having to resort to ill-performing and unmaintainable monster queries.

Both sessions are quite demo-heavy, so I hope a lot of attendees will download the demo code and play with it for themselves. I have therefor attached the demo code for these sessions to this post. Oh, and the slide deck is included as well.

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Book review: SQL Server Transaction Log Management
SQLRally and SQLRally – Session material

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  • Piyush Varma
    October 24, 2013 19:58


    I really liked and benefited from your presentation and code.

    I will recommend your sessions to my friends.

    Thank you very much,



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