SQLRally and SQLRally – Session material

SQLRally and SQLRally – Session material

I had a great week last week. First at SQLRally Nordic, in Stockholm, where I presented a session on how improvements to the OVER clause can help you simplify queries in SQL Server 2012 enormously. And then I continued straight on into SQLRally Amsterdam, where I delivered a session on the performance implications of using user-defined functions in T-SQL.

I understand that both events will make my slides and demo code downloadable from their website, but this may take a while. So those who do not want to wait can download the material from this blog post.

Both SQLRally events have recorded all their sessions. It will obviously take a while to edit and publish all those recordings – but those who missed my session and want to check it out with my explanations know that if they wait a while, they can watch the recording online on the SQLRally websites.

I once more would like to thank all volunteers who organized these events, all the sponsors who helped fund them … and most of all, all attendees who made my time in Stockholm and Amsterdam amazing. You were a great crowd, both during my session and in the many chats I had during the breaks.

File Attachment: SQLRally%20sessions.zip

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  • Thanks to you too Hugo! I wouldn’t have a reason to go if there weren’t speakers like you.


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