TechDays 2014 – Session material

TechDays 2014 – Session material

Last week in the Hague, I had the honor to present two very different sessions at the Dutch TechDays conference. A deep-dive session on internals of the SQL Server 2012 nonclustered columnstore index, and a very developer-oriented session on the bare basics of performance tuning. To my delight, both times the room was filled with very interested people, asking great questions and, I guess, enjoying my presentations.

All sessions were recorded, and I have been told that in due time, all will be available on Channel 9. But what if you can’t stand the wait? What if you just want to quickly browse through my slide deck without having to endure my crappy jokes? Or what if you want to play around with my demo code but are of the rightful opinion that manually copying my code while constantly pausing and unpausing the video would be an utter waste of time?

The answer to each of those problems is: you simply download the slides and demo code from the attachment to this blog post. Simple, huh?

File Attachment:

Fake statistics, and how to get rid of them
SQL TuneIn Zagreb 2014 – Session material

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  • Michael Wandzik
    April 24, 2014 11:53

    Thank you for the great presentations they are very interesting and the scripts are of good quality.

    Definitely going to play around with the things i have seen in there.


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