SQL TuneIn Zagreb 2014 – Session material

SQL TuneIn Zagreb 2014 – Session material

I spent the last few days in Zagreb, Croatie, at the third edition of the SQL TuneIn conference, and I had a very good time here. Nice company, good sessions, and awesome audiences.

I presented my “Understanding Execution Plans” precon to a small but interested audience on Monday. Participants have received a download link for the slide deck.

On Tuesday I had a larger crowd for my session on cardinality estimation. The slide deck and demo code used for that presentation will be available through the conference website, but for those who cannot wait, I have also attached them to this blog post.

The organization of the event have already announced their plans to host a fourth edition. And if I have any say in the matter, I will visit again.

File Attachment: Estimates%20Zagreb.zip

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