Black Friday Charity summary

Black Friday Charity summary

All through November this year, I have run a variation on Black Friday Sale, called Black Friday Charity. The idea was to take the discount I would have applied for Black Friday Sale, but instead of giving it as a discount, I would give it to charity. You can read all about it in this blog post.

November is now over. That means that the Black Friday Charity period is over. Time to summarize the results.

Total November sales

When I started the Black Friday Charity drive, my hope was to raise at least a thousand dollars for the Leukemia Research Foundation, which would have required two thousand dollars in gross sales. Sadly, I fell short of that objective, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Overview of sales in November, totalling $885.08.

But I always look at things from the positive side. So I am still happy with $885.08 in gross sales, since that means a donation of $442.54 to support research into leukemia.

But wait, there’s more!

But that’s not all I’m going to donate.

I have recently received a gift from a sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous. One of my clients (or should I say former clients – I am on prolonged sick leave after all) has, when they heard about my situation, decided to give me some money. The amount they gave me was based on my hourly rate, and a fictitious amount of hours. I really appreciated that gesture. But I also told that client that, since I don’t need the money for myself (I have paid multiple arms and legs throughout the previous years for good insurance and that now pays off!), I’ll give it to charity. Their response was that they gave it to me to use as I please, so that was entirely my choice.

That anonymous client sponsored me for a total of €3420.00. Using today’s (December 2) exchange rate as listed on, that is $3572.62.


Adding those numbers together, $442.54 from Black Friday Charity and $3572.62 from my anonymous sponsor, makes for a total donation of $4015.16.

I did run into a slight problem, though. The donation form on the website of the Leukemia Research Foundation is built for credit cards only, but my card limit is too low to make this donation. Plus I would have to lie about my address, since the country dropdown does not list the Netherlands … as if they don’t want my money!

I have mailed the Leukemia Research Foundation, asking for their bank account details so that I can order my bank to transfer the money directly. I will update this post once I have received a reply and made the donation.


I want to end this post by thanking all those who purchased one or more levels of my training course during November. Your purchase that helped drive up the donation amount!


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